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With over 28 years experience in the roofing business, Atlantic Roofing has built a reputation of service excellence and expertise in Cape Town and the Western Cape.
Our experienced team is friendly, efficient and reliable.

We work with the following roofing materials:
Zincalume roof sheets in IBR and Corrugated profiles.
We re roof or repair with Diamondek or Cliplock roof sheets.
We re roof or repair with Cement roof tiles.
We re roof or repair with Clay Roof Tiles.
We re roof or repair with Polycarbonate roof sheets.
We re roof or repair with Roof slates.
In fact the only material we don’t work with is Thatch.
Re roof with Harvey Tiles-EndFragment.

Why we work with Zincalume Steel?
It consists of 55% aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% silicone and was developed after extensive research into improving the traditional performance of galvanised iron.

Product Description and Features
Roof sheeting made from ZINCALUME® steel is available in a range of profiles. The zinc/aluminium alloy coating on ZINCALUME® steel imparts corrosion resistance of up to four times the life of galvanised steel.

It is Durable and strong.
It is one of the most thermally efficient roofing materials available today.
It is superior corrosion resistance.
It is attractive.
It is a deterrent against intruders.
It has excellent resistance to impact from hail.
It has excellent flexibility in design, can be curved or cranked for truly individual designs.
It’s flexibility of design allows for both traditional straight roof sheeting as well as innovative curved or cranked roofing designs.
It is easy maintenance.
It is weather tight and secure when installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Water proofing

Our approach as a waterproofing contractor is one where we ask the simple question:” Would we be happy with this waterpoofing job if this was our home?” Hence we offer a guarantee on our waterproofing workmanship..

Requires a specialist in this field, which is why Atlantic Roofing prides itself in being able to solve your waterproofing problem quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Here are some of the problem areas which require the expertise of a waterproofing contractor:

Parapet waterproofing
Concrete balcony waterproofing.
Waterproofing around chimneys.
We waterproof tile roofs, slate roofs, IBR corrugated roofs, industrial and domestic flat roofs.
Roof repair, waterproofing concrete, waterproofing most kinds of roofs.
Quick fix products, which can work in the short term, but in the long term the waterproofing does not last and then the leaks return therefore we offer our expert advise and services for the long term solution.

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Ceilings And Painting

Atlantic Roofing and Construction provide a service to remove and replace ceilings, boarded or skimmed, cornices, skirtings, painting of ceilings and walls. We are preferred service providers on a few insurance panels

We use recognised quality products for the best finish and take pride in leaving our sites in a clean condition.
paints come in two main categories:
Oil based paint or Water based paint?

What are the main reasons for choosing either oil based paint or water based paint?

Water based paints are durable, don’t have much odour and can be easily cleaned up with water. They also resist yellowing and have a much better mildew resistance than oil based paints. Therefore it is advisable to use water based paints more in environments which are more prone to mildew, such as bathrooms.

Oil based paints are more durable in the long run, but have a stronger odour when applying it. They also require mineral turpentine to clean your brushes rather than water. Oil based paints tend to have a higher gloss finish than water based paints and take longer to dry.

The most important point of all, when wanting to paint your home or any part of your property, would be to obtain a quote from a professional painting company. You may pay as slightly extra in the short term, will pay itself back in the long term, by simply obtaining professional advice upfront.”

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